Pastor Taja “Lady J” Jacobs is an American television co-host, radio personality, counselor, entrepreneur, and author. Pastor Taja Jacobs Co-hosts on KJLH which is owned by the great Stevie Wonder out of Los Angeles, she deals with the hottest topics in all areas of relationships. Lady. J, is spiritual yet very transparent, she has a segment entitled “Let’s Be Clear” on the show. This segment derived from her deep passion of believing that we must attack our lives by defining our realities and being CLEAR in our communication. Lady. J, supports Dr. J, The Counselor, who is the Celebrities choice, as he provides counseling to many Celebrities in the Hollywood corridor. While attending college she met her husband, with over 20 + years in the Corporate sector as a Vice President over Corporate Outplacement, Training and Development, Acquisitions, and Mergers. Lady J moved from the Corporate sector to assist her husband Dr. Jacobs in Ministry and Business. 

Taja Jacobs is a Pastor at The Potters House Deliverance Tabernacle of Tampa Florida. In addition she is a daughter and on the pastoral roster at The Family Church International of Pasadena under the Leadership of Actor and World Karate Champion Bishop Donnie Williams. Pastor Taja Jacobs is world renown for her ability to minister and transform lives through the word of God. Pastor Taja Lee Jacobs is known for her transparency on the pulpit and is called to empower builders of the Kingdom of God. Pastor Taja Jacobs lost her mother to a domestic violence situation and advocates on behalf of those women who are suffering in silence. Taja Lee Jacobs is a trailblazer for empowering women through truth. 

She and her husband, Dr. Fredrick Jacobs, are blessed with two children: Trinity Jacobs and Isaac Jacobs. The union was supernaturally orchestrated while Dr. Jacobs was in a Master’s program for his seminary studies. The couple operates in a very united fashion. This power team preaches, teaches, and empowers.